#PostgreSQL live aggregate cache (II)

I recently published a previous entry about doing caches automatically updated with minimized risk of wrong aggregate results, even inside a transaction with modifications. What happens if anyone modifies ancient rows? We will get wrong aggregates. It is the only drawback of the solution proposed. But in certain circumstances it will be not enough. Maybe your table […]

#PostgreSQL Speeding Up Queries (I)

Do you have a project which lots of data and queries and you’re struggling to put hardware in and caching systems in order to keep it running? It was working fast the last year but now it gets slower and slower? I know a lot about optimizing times in production, and I can tell you […]

#PostgreSQL live aggregate cache (I)

Common problem: you have a big table and your application usually reads aggregate data from it. Each time you execute a SUM+GROUP BY PostgreSQL spends lots of time reading the whole table and computing the aggregate. Common solution: put a MATERIALIZED VIEW and query that one instead. Common pitfall: The data in the materialized view […]

Los SSD en camino para reemplazar el HDD

Hace 5 años que escribí la entrada de DISCOS DE ESTADO SÓLIDO (SSD) (PARTE I) , ¿cómo ha cambiado el panorama en todo este tiempo? Lo principal, es que ahora casi todo el mundo sabe lo que es un SSD; la mayoría de tiendas y marcas ofertan equipos con este tipo de discos. Si bien, entraron antes en […]

#PostgreSQL: High Privacy Data w/Encryption

In the last years at Gestiweb we’ve met several organizations that have a very special need; as they invest lots of money on I+D researching better products, they need some place to write that down, but those are recipes that are easily reproducible. So, if any competitor gets those recipes they can skip lots of […]